Finance Solutions

Solving Finance’s Technology Challenges.

More than most industries, the financial sector relies on IT solutions for success. A robust and scalable IT infrastructure is a critical component to any organization.

Our IT Gurus have the technical acumen and years of practical experience within the financial industry to understand the challenges you face and regulations you must abide by, such as the Sarbanes Oxley Act (SOX). Our experience also means that we can confidently recommend, design and implement proven solutions. 

And our IntelliChoice™ Project Outsourcing model with both offsite and offshore capabilities gives financial company maximum flexibility for effectively create custom software applications and new IT systems while achieving tremendous cost savings.

Integration Is the Key to Your Success.

More often than not, however, any new solutions with have to seamlessly integrate with an existing IT infrastructure, making compatibility a critical priority. That’s why Universal Software has created a solid network of partnerships with leading IT solution providers such as Sun Microsystems. By working with these companies from the outset, we mitigate and eliminate any compatibility issues before they arise.

How Can Universal Software Help Your Financial Organization?

Our experience in the finance industry includes developing these solutions:

  • Transaction/Trade Processing Systems
  • Data flow re-architecture
  • Customized Web solutions for clients and partners
  • Electronic document delivery systems
  • B2B solutions for procurement
  • Reporting and research solutions for managers, brokers
  • Tax forms automation