HealthCare Solution

Solving Healthcare’s Technology Challenges

For years, Universal Software has been designing, implementing and maintaining healthcare management software solutions that help healthcare organizations save time, control costs, maximize productivity, and maintain the highest quality of care for their customers and patients.

Our IT Gurus have the technical expertise and practical, hands-on experience within your industry to provide custom software development solutions that work. Some of the more ambitious custom software development solutions we’ve provided over the years include:

  • Creating a system to track and bill physician actions across different operating room
  • Updating a proven clinical decision support solution to take advantage of new technologies such as the Internet and PDAs
  • Creating a system to track mobile equipment and enable telemetry over a wireless network
  • Developing systems to improve reporting and billing functions within an organization

Helping You with HIPAA Compliance.

Of course, one of the major concerns of any healthcare organization is complying with HIPAA standards. Our IT Gurus understand the regulatory environment healthcare organization must operate within. And they can design a healthcare management software solution that not only improves productivity but also helps you comply with HIPAA and other government regulations.

How Can Universal Software Help Your Healthcare Organization?

Our experience in the healthcare industry includes developing healthcare management software solutions such as:

  • Transaction Processing Systems
  • Billing and other administrative systems
  • Form automation
  • Clinical decision support solutions
  • RFID, RTLS and other hospital-ready wireless systems
  • Productivity reporting system
  • PDA and wireless applications
  • Database management, migration and reengineering
  • Legacy/latest technology integration