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Banking and Finance

In Today’s economic condition are changing rapidly, innovative evolutions in the aggressive landscape, ever-increasing dogmatic oversight, increasing consumer expectations, depositor prospect on returns, expansion & transparency - these are a few of the essentials that the banking industry is presently experiencing.

Banks consequently, search for act in response to these demanding prospects by re-orient their people, development and expertise. Given these business anxiety, banks necessitate to spotlight on mounting innovative products features and systematize them to accommodate contemporary expertise.

Towards this, Universal software brings you a widespread Banking and Financial Services and Solutions. Our services assists banks to spread out their consumer foundation, offer enhanced services and improved consumer experience. Universal also help you trim down expenditure through IT architecture generalization. Consistent and secure systems that concentrate on market transformations rapidly develop profitable consumer relationships and secure new-fangled prospect to continue at the forefront of competition. Comprehensive, end-to-end, domain-led business process solutions that enable Banking and Financial Services institutions to focus on their interior financial services competencies.

Information Technology has become an engine of novelty for financial firms, leveraging its possessions to enable delivery of business products and services. Universal Software collaborates with foremost financial servicing companies to offer solutions that deliver sustainable value and renovate the way companies conduct business. Universal Software focuses on Application Development, Maintenances and Support, Product practices in the region of financial services which is concerned in implementation support, Customizations, Product Consulting, Interfaces development and testing services.

From novel applications to ameliorated core business transactions, Universal Software is focused on delivering flexible solutions and services to help clients tackle altering market dynamics quickly. Universal Software brings unfathomable domain proficiency; business development competence and outsourcing understanding, along with globally distributed offshore centers, to deliver the financial companies need to effectively contend in a expeditiously changing world. Our IntelliChoice™ Project Outsourcing model has offsite capabilities which gives pecuniary company with maximum flexibility to effectively create custom software applications with new-fangled IT systems while implementing cost management.

With our proficiency in banking and financial services, technology, and outsourcing, Universal has amalgamated with copious big Financial Institutions to recommend efficient solutions. Considerate of the banking and financial services industry’s competitiveness and complexity, we influence our presence in the industry to fetch you appropriate solutions that accommodate to your needs. Our vigorous solutions are deliberate to tackle challenges of developing innovative business models and defining novel business architecture. In accumulation, we optimize your IT, downsize technology and transform systems.

Universal Software Assist?
Our patrons, from Fortune 500 companies to monetary services companies associates with us to discover innovative ways to adapt  jerky convention and achieve permanent generalization of IT and operations, improve their customer experience and gain access to new products and markets. We endow with services to the banking, capital markets, and insurance industries in applications, IT infrastructural management and business operations. Our clients may engage with us by choosing a set of business outcome based solutions.

Universal’s portfolio in Finance includes:

  • Customer Experience Management
  • Risk and compliance
  • Application Support & Maintenance
  • Transaction/Trade Processing Systems
  • Data flow re-architecture
  • Customized Web solutions for clients and partners
  • Electronic document delivery systems
  • B2B solutions for procurement
  • Reporting and research solutions for managers, brokers
  • Tax forms automation