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Healthcare Industry

Universal Software’s Healthcare Practice offers pioneering and end-to-end integrated solutions for healthcare providers. Our solutions augment the competence of physicians, hospitals, ancillary facilities, clinics, governmental health bodies, and public health and research organizations.

With far-reaching experience in delivering high – quality healthcare solutions, we are the trusted cohorts of care providers globally in their steady undertaking for better healthcare outcomes, integrated, efficient systems and cost containment.

Helping organizations capitalize on efficiency, control costs

The preceding two decades saw the cost of delivering healthcare missile to precarious new heights. To muddle with the rapid inflation in medication pricing plus the augmented burden bent by increasingly intricate procedures, organizations must turn into more efficient so as to cut clerical overhead and improving efficiency in delivering services while not compromising the eminence of care.

In-profound erect proficiency acquired in the clinical environment

Universal Software has a extensive and affluent track record at proposing, designing, implementing and maintaining IT systems that delivered reckonable gains in efficiency in the clinical environment. Whether it is creating a whole-new structure that tracks and bills physician’s measures across different working rooms, updating a verified clinical decision support solution for today’s world of Web browsers and PDAs, tracking mobile equipment and enabling telemetry over a wireless network, or improving reporting and billing efficiency, our “IT experts” have both the IT proficiency and practical business knowledge to turn your most ambitious projects into veracity.

The healthcare industry is fast moving toward the next phase of renovation, characterized by simplified in service environments and to access the real-time information through numerous channels. Receiving there will depend on amplified advances and cooperation. Universal Software brings in wide-ranging industry experience, renovation solutions that help you provide an tremendous consumer familiarity, keep pace with a dynamic marketplace, adapt to the healthcare reform agenda, manage payments, and facilitate claims auditing and resurgence.
Our experience in the healthcare industry includes developing healthcare management software solutions such as:

  • Transaction Processing Systems
  • Billing and other administrative systems
  • Form automation
  • Clinical decision support solutions
  • RFID, RTLS and other hospital-ready wireless systems
  • Productivity reporting system
  • PDA and wireless applications
  • Database management, migration and reengineering
  • Legacy/latest technology integration

Facilitate a proficient, but HIPAA-compliant, gush of information

Improving service delivery and cutting clerical costs is vital, now further than ever, organizations must also offer adequate guarantees to patients that their private health information will be securely kept, and that their right to confidentiality would be confined at all times. What was superior industry practice also became commandment, with the Health Insurance Portability and liability Act of 1996. Thanks to the important functional expertise of our Consultants, Universal Software can help you improving your efficiency while ensuring that all relevant HIPAA requirements are honored.

Some of the more ambitious custom software development solutions we’ve provided over the years include:

  • Creating a system to track and bill physician actions across different operating room
  • Updating a proven clinical decision support solution to take advantage of new technologies such as the Internet and PDAs
  • Creating a system to track mobile equipment and enable telemetry over a wireless network
  • Developing systems to improve reporting and billing functions within an organization
  • Helping You with HIPAA Compliance.

Of course, one of the major concerns of any healthcare organization is complying with HIPAA standards. Our team understand the regulatory environment healthcare organization must operate within.  And they can design a healthcare management software solution that not only improves productivity but also helps you comply with HIPAA and other government regulations.