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Telecom Solutions and offering

Telecom operators and carriers along with other stake-holders in ecosystem futuristic communications providers In fact utilize the most complete array of IT tools in one of the most propellant marketplaces. Today, we visualize a better degree of globalization of innovation processes than ever before.

In era of modern telecommunication few of the latest trends being explored in convergence, mobility, digitalization, cloud computing, delivery platforms, and social media are placing unprecedented demands on companies to win in a new communications landscape.

A blend of innovative and user friendly mobile value-added (VAS) applications share highest degree of consumer approach to the ongoing success of mobile network operators and everyone in the mobile communications assessment chain. With core services, such as bear voice and data communications becoming commodity offerings, wireless service providers are dependent on VAS applications to drive additional returns and improved boundaries. Mobile Value-added (VAS) applications correspond to a key aspect to the ongoing triumph of mobile network operators and everyone in the mobile communications assessment chain. With core services, such as bear voice and data communications becoming commodity offerings, wireless service providers are reliant on VAS applications to drive supplementary revenue and enhanced boundaries.

At Universal Software, we understand that telecom companies face a unique set of challenges that depends on the customer demands and the technology trends. Telecom companies are facing tremendous challenges on improving profit margins, falling ARPU’s, high customer churn, fierce competition, customer experience, demand for new services and bundles, and heavy investments for network transformation.

Universal Software’s solutions and service offerings address the entire landscape of telecom solution providers including R&D, consulting, operations and Enterprise IT. Our solutions help you identify and address the challenges and opportunities created by convergence of applications, networks or content. Our consultants bring in extensive knowledge and experience of the telecommunications industry ecosystem by virtue of engaging with the world’s leading equipment vendors and service providers. We partner with you to build and implement innovative strategies and solutions to help you remain competitive, improve processes and infrastructure, and transform the way you conduct business.

Universal’s comprehensive suite of Telecom VAS solutions allows our customers to fully exploit and increase their VARPU (VAS average revenue per user) and made-to-order network applications which dramatically improve customer retention and satisfaction level. The company develops services in all the leading platforms including SS7, voice, video, billing, etc. Universal offers its customers end-to-end turnkey solutions and manages them on outsourced service basis. These end-to-end solutions include hardware and software platforms, application development, infrastructure management and customer support, including software maintenance, hardware support and help desk services.

Ground-breaking elucidation to facilitate convergence
With populace the world over progressively getting connected, the telecom industry has registered one of the utmost growth rates across sectors. The hasty growth has seen telecom carriers gazeing at reformation operations, curtail capital infrastructure, endow with new services and linger competitive through novel solutions. This is made easier with amalgam as the key driver and enabler of industry.

Revenues from voice services powered the telecommunications industry. But nowadays, the industry is experiencing a insightful transformation with voice revenues in a precipitous decline and revenues from data and value-added services on the rise. Alteration requirements have been accelerated by technology innovations that are vitally altering the mode telecom services are packaged and delivered.

Solution providers in the telecom industry require veteran cohorts who can help foster product innovation and create Digital Highways which will influence tomorrow’s telecom networks. Partnerships not only help expand to new markets, they elect to choose up the swiftness of time to market and trim down operational expenses – they can also boost competitive segregation enabling our clients to do business which is enhanced in a frisky-competitive marketplace.

Expertise & Experience 
A track record of successful applications in network, signaling, voice and data segment of mobile VAS.

  • Universal is well versed with all the software applications that are highly preferable at this juncture. The demos which have been showcased till now have reached its goal successfully.
  • Developing applications in VXML in different versions of 2.0 and 2.1. i.e. IVRS Applications like Role Playing Games (IVR based gaming application).
  • Expertise in running applications on HP OCMP VXML interpreters, Telesoft Okeford VXML interpreter and Voxeo CCXML/VXML interpreters. We also have deployed VXML applications on SS7; PRI‟s and on VoIP.

Our solutions aim at providing services to support

  • Carriers
  • Equipment Providers
  • Mobile Application development
  • Telecom Solution Providers
  • Mobile OEMs
  • Mobile CMS

Our service portfolio in Telecom practice includes:

  • Engineering cost optimization
  • Advanced technologies empowerment
  • Interoperability
  • Migration
  • VoIP/IMS
  • Wireless
  • VAS
  • Virtualization