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eCapture for Documentum

eCapture for EMC Documentum is a distributed document capture application that enables users in disparate environments to scan documents directly to selected EMC Documentum content repositories in one step, from a single interface. With eCapture for EMC Documentum, Daybreak introduces a fresh new concept in distributed document capture for Documentum users, including cost-effective concurrent licensing and no per click charges or page counts.

eCapture for EMC Documentum is built on a modular platform that consists of the core capture engine and Documentum plug-in. A plug-in is also available for EMC Documentum eRoom, making it easy to scan, index, and route paper documents into either application from a single interface. The software provides security features including secure communications, user authentication and access control to content repositories. eCapture for EMC Documentum is built from the ground up for Services-Oriented Architecture (SOA) to facilitate interoperability with legacy systems within an organization.

eCapture for EMC Documentum connects to the Documentum Content Server, enabling real-time communication with the server and eCapture desktop client. Users have the ability to route documents into multiple docbases and can also capture and assign document attributes. For easy full-text indexing and retrieval, users can scan to searchable PDF on the fly and automatically capture metadata through the application’s zonal OCR functionality.

eCapture for EMC Documentum Features:

  • Designed for EMC Documentum accredited
  • Quick, easy installation and simple operation
  • Concurrent licensing model and no page count costs
  • Scan to searchable PDF on the fly
  • Scan offline and upload later
  • Secure communications to protect your assets
  • Automatic capture of user/file metadata
  • Zonal OCR
  • Configurable scanning profiles for multiple document types
  • Built for services-oriented architecture (SOA)

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