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eCapture Suite

Product Overview
eCapture Suite streamlines your document capture and delivery process with direct, out of the box integration to multiple ECM repositories from a single interface. Avoid costly and inefficient systems, explore eCapture Suite today.

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One Capture Platform…A Myriad of Capabilities
eCapture Suite delivers a robust set of document capture and delivery capabilities in one integrated platform that is ready to go out of the box. From ad hoc document capture to enterprise-wide distributed capture, we deliver world-class functionality and scalability. eCapture Suite is a complete document capture and delivery solution that provides direct integration with your target repositories, yet is easy to deploy, easy to use, and cost-effective.

Document Capture
Let’s face it…the paperless office is never going to be a reality. Organizations today are overwhelmed with paper and the quantity of new documents grows exponentially on a daily basis, creating a compliance nightmare and inefficient operational processes. eCapture Suite easily captures paper and electronic content for automated processing and delivery into the appropriate content repository. Document scanner and MFP integration enables you to leverage your current hardware investment, and ensures getting content into your ECM repositories is easy and efficient.

Metadata Capture
Your content provides little value unless you’re able to organize and index it for retrieval. In addition, you need a way to address both structured and unstructured documents. eCapture Suite provides both zonal and full-text optical character recognition (OCR), enabling fast and easy search capabilities for all your content. Scan to industry standard TIFF, PDF, or searchable PDF on the fly with eCapture Suite’s easy to use capture interface.

Intelligent Field Mapping
Most of today’s document capture solutions are very adept at basic scanning and indexing. But how is that content delivered to the correct repository with metadata fields captured correctly? Before eCapture Suite, this involved a costly services engagement from the capture vendor or third party integrator to develop custom scripts that map the document metadata fields to the repository database. Significant time, cost, and complexity were added to the entire project. While this process has been the accepted (and only) solution for years, it does not follow industry best practices and requires specialized training just to use the system.

eCapture Suite addresses this critical issue. Instead of developing a separate indexing structure for the capture application, we do this for you. eCapture Suite connects directly to your ECM repository right out of the box. The taxonomy is extracted from the ECM repository… no custom scripts, no costly PS engagement, no chance for error. Best of all, it happens automatically when you install eCapture Suite and begin using it. eCapture Suite eliminates the need for a lengthy and costly professional services engagement. This approach sheds a whole new light on capture applications, extending ECM best practices and saving users significant time and money during implementation.

Document Delivery
Getting content to the right place has never been easier than with eCapture Suite. Most organizations today utilize multiple repositories from different ECM vendors, increasing the complexity of delivering content to the appropriate repository. To facilitate document delivery into multiple repositories, eCapture Suite’s primary user interface, eCapture LaunchPad™, provides the user with a central collection point where scanned images can be automatically routed to the correct ECM repository, all without having to open and close multiple applications, and without leaving a familiar interface.

eCapture Suite provides configurable profiles for different document types, which enable you to easily define the destination repository and document metadata (via your existing ECM taxonomy). Users can log directly into the content repository from within eCapture Suite where profiles can be created and published for immediate use.

eCapture Suite’s comprehensive security capabilities provide a secure environment for your content during transfer to the target repositories. Repository access rights are maintained, ensuring only authorized users can upload content and keeping your audit trails intact.

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