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eCapture Express

eCapture Express is targeted at workgroup or departmental deployments and establishes a new level of simplicity with its client-only architecture and subscription pricing model.

A key differentiator of eCapture Express is its powerful capability to capture and deliver both scanned and electronic documents direct to a wide range of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems using a client-only architecture. Single step operation allows metadata and captured content to be deposited into the ECM repository with the press of a button or mouse click. Since there is no server component to install and manage, installation and set up is greatly simplified and can be performed directly by the user without professional services involvement. The client-only eCapture Express product is targeted at workgroup and departmental deployments, and complements Daybreak's client-server version of eCapture Suite for enterprise applications.

eCapture Express retains all of the same functionality as the client-server version of the product. The heart of the solution is the eCapture LaunchPadTM tabbed interface that integrates directly into target ECM repositories out of the box without the need for any special export modules or custom release scripts. Users simply set up their document profiles, which define the destination repository and document metadata, and can start capturing and sending content immediately into their repositories without toggling back and forth between multiple applications. The solution supports both paper and electronic content for metadata tagging and repository delivery, enabling users to remain in one interface regardless of the destination repository.

Key solution features include:

  • Easy deployment and operation
  • Automatic metadata capture
  • Zonal and full text OCR
  • TIFF, PDF, sPDF, and Native file format support
  • Bar code recognition
  • Configurable capture profiles for different document types
  • Batch scheduling to optimize network bandwidth
  • Secure communications environment

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