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eMedComp is designed as a web based multi user secure application, which is generic and caters to administrative, compensation, productivity and P4P computation needs of a vast range of healthcare facilities.

  • Properly rewarding top performers and allocating P4Padjustments across an organization.
  • Based on a Business Rules Engine, Integrate Clinical, Schedule, Lab, Billing and Patient information in real time from multiple legacy systems existing at the facility.
  • Beneficial to Financial Controllers, Facility Administrators,Clinicians, QA and Credentialing.
  • Maintains the physician's credentialing and demographic information, keeps track of their daily and weekly schedules, compensation and productivity calculation, bonus plans and other supplements, sponsored projects and the overall profit and loss calculations of various departments of the facility.
  • Provides role based access through a login lD/Password to the authenticated users.
  • The product is fully modular and can be designed as per your requirements.
  • lt is HIPAA and HL7compliant.

Why eMedComp?

  • Fastest, most cost-effective implementation
  • Compensation Models
  • Compliance
  • Single database design
  • Business intelligence tools
  • Validation from analysts
  • Integration with PMS/EHR
  • Rules Driven
  • Manual Adjustments
    • Profit and Loss
    • Productivity
    • Bonus and Supplements
    • Funded Projects
    • Data Analytics
    • Credentialing and Demographics
    • Schedule

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