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Managed Data Services

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At Universal Software we understand the task of managing technical challenges while addressing the demands of organizational growth.

The most vital aspect of any managed IT service is the integrity and protection of data. Universal’s solutions are designed to ensure data is always available, often extending into broader services that include archiving to reduce storage footprint and increase compliance and data accessibility. We strive to keep your IT systems operational, available and secure so you can focus on productivity, optimize technology investments, minimize cost and increase your staff productivity and business revenue. Universal’s Data Managed Services are customizable, cost-effective managed hosting solutions that can help increase data availability and protect critical information from accidental loss. We deliver database tuning and performance optimization services, performing the necessary work to ensure that the dynamic needs of a customer’s application environment can always be met. Our Managed support is an ON-GOING 24x7x365 endeavor.


Universal’s rDBA allows you to call upon experts, as needed, who will work behind the scenes or at your facilities to maintain performance and fix issues before they impact the business. You can be rest assured that the systems will be kept running 24/7 with proactive, qualified DBA experts monitoring performance on your behalf. With IT departments required to deliver more, quicker, better – it's vital that you have the backing you require.

What we deliver What this entails
Health check
knowing the risks and opportunities
Senior qualified Database consultant reviews your database setup and configuration advising in a written report on changes required to improve performance, reliability and security
improving reliability and scalability
Implementation of additional functionality such as Oracle RAC, Dataguard and Advanced Security or Microsoft Clustering and Replication. Initially a scoping exercise is carried out to ascertain the exact business requirements and plan for delivery including time and costs
Upgrade, Migration & Maintenance
increasing the business value
Provides for the application of a patch, security fix or an entire version upgrade or platform migration. In all cases a scoping exercise is conducted to ensure complete success followed by a written report detailing upgrade and migration methodology, initial system configuration and health, the benefits of upgrade, testing methodologies and performance tuning
unlimited fixes at all hours
A manned help desk, available for business hours or 7x24, provides online management of an Oracle and Application infrastructure over and above any break fix services offered by Oracle
extra qualified support onsite
Highly qualified DBA consultant’s onsite, temporarily or permanently. Acting under your guidance and management, and backed up by remote DBA service, if required
confidence in DSAS
Complete Database Security Assessment Service (DSAS) to businesses that rely on the security of the information held within their databases. The output is a complete report describing the security vulnerabilities, compliance and recommendations for problem resolution



Universal’s new Managed service has been developed with you in mind. You stay in control – we complement your functional team. An expanded workforce, with insight from many years' relevant experience, will help you open the door to the opportunities presented by today’s Oracle and Microsoft technologies. With a larger, flexible team you can deliver more, meet your targets quicker and provide the business with the service it demands.

What we deliver What this entails
Functional Remote unlimited fixes at your fingertips A manned help desk, available for business hours or 7x24, provides online functional management of an Application infrastructure over and above any break fix services offered by Oracle or Microsoft
Functional CRS improvement without disruption Support and development for changes, extensions, modifications, localizations and interfaces – all backed by a thorough scoping exercise
Functional Onsite extra qualified support onsite Highly qualified functional consultant’s onsite, temporarily or permanently. Acting under your guidance and management, and backed up by remote functional service, if required
Studio supporting you through the development cycle Complete hosted managed infrastructure supports all aspects of an application implementation through Development, Test, Integration and UAT. This Linux or Windows-based service provides a quick start with instant availability for any part of the application development lifecycle
Hosted reliable infrastructure Hosted managed infrastructure and application to support your business


Oracle Managed Services Packages:

Universal’s Database Managed Service package consists of specified services that proactively manages your environment to ensure that guaranteed support against service level agreements is delivered. Whilst these give a good overview of what you can expect for distinguished levels of service, we know every customer has a set of unique requirements to their business. For this reason all of our offerings are flexible and can be made specifically to your needs, with the service levels that mirror your own internal commitments.

Our managed services packages include:

  Standard Core Premium
Incident Management X X X
SLA Management X X X
Change Management X X X
Problem Management X X X
Service Desk & Reporting X X X
Extended & On Site Support X X X
Major Change & Release Management   X X
Service Management   X X
Business Continuity Management     X
System Tuning & Capacity Planning     X