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Project Outsourcing

Universal Software Corp - Project Outsourcing

IntelliChoice™ Project Outsourcing

With offices in both the U.S. and India, Universal Software’s global delivery model can provide you with the flexibility to get any project completed

whether it be offsite, offshore or a combination— at the best possible value.

Universal Software Corp

Designed to Work.

From improving your IT capabilities to full-scale offshore software development, Universal’s IntelliChoice Project Outsourcing process relies on a rapid application development methodology, mapping out the entire project before it begins and identifying goals, timelines and possible trouble spots before they happen. The process provides you with:

Scalability - With our vast pool of expert talent to choose from, we can quickly scale to meet your project deadlines.

Expertise - Highly skilled, experienced project managers, software developers, and IT consultants hit the ground running, employ best software practices to ensure quality and deliver immediate results.

Transparency - Regular updates keep you informed of our progress every step of the way and ensure a zero-defect solution perfectly matched to your needs.

Control - Whether you want to project manage yourself or hand it off to one of our experienced project managers (or perhaps something in between), our methodology allows you to have as much control over the project as you would like.

Tremendous Cost Savings without Sacrificing Quality.

Outsourcing software development with Universal Software makes fiscal sense for both large and mid-sized companies. Through our Indian production facilities, you have access to a vast pool of educated, technical and functional experts in all current and legacy technologies. At the same time, our U.S. facility provides you with continuous updates, improved project communication and a local presence to respond to any changes or request immediately.

And with our adherence to software quality management (SQM) standards and best software practices, as well as our rigorous testing methodology, you can be sure that outsourcing your software development does not mean sacrificing quality.